5 participants, 8 days

Trading Camp

A one week retreat with Venzen Khaosan

5 Revolutions in your Trading

Elliott Wave and Fibonacci - the key to market behavior

Implement a proven verifiable trading method

Money Management strategy for longevity in the market

Position sizing and Risk Management: lose small, win big

Enter and exit trades with technical precision


Day 1

Arrival and introductions

Thai dinner

Days 2-6

6am - Yoga and meditation (optional on the beach)

7am - Breakfast

8am - Training session

12pm -: lunch

2-5pm - free time

5-8pm - evening session & bar

Day 7

6am: Yoga and meditation (optional on the beach)

7am: Breakfast

8am: Training Summary

11am-7pm: Island boat cruise (includes lunch)

Day 8

6am: Yoga and meditation (optional on the beach)

7am: Breakfast

Airport transfers and departure


Participants will stay on one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand. The trading camp is held at a private resort located in a protected national park only accessible from the mainland by boat.

Accommodations are traditional style Thai houses built in clearings under the jungle canopy. Houses are cleaned daily, have wifi internet access, good cellular signal, and back-up electricity generators.

The following is included:

Participants only need to fly to the nearest local airport. From there individuals are transported by private taxi and long-tail boat to the venue.


Trading Camp participants receive 6 days of coaching and all the benefits described in "Venue", above, at one of the most idyllic locations in the world. Trading Camp continues, after the event, with individual follow-up video meetings via Zoom, as well as ongoing interaction via the Cryptocurrents website and Telegram chat group. Participants become life-long members of Venzen Khaosan's private subscription service Cryptocurrents.

Because the Trading Camp location and experience will be memorable and enjoyable, participants may want to share the experience with those closest to them. For an additional cost of 0.5 BTC participants can bring their partner and up to 4 children.

  • Website Subscription
  • Online trading resources
  • Daily analysis updates
  • Weekly livestream
  • Online interaction
  • 95 USD

    per month
  • Trading Retreat
  • Intensive course
  • Personal mentoring
  • Week in Paradise
  • Life-long membership
  • 1 BTC


Trading Camp Dates

Each Trading Camp has place for 5 participants (and their family or partner - as described in "Pricing" above).

Dates are chosen such that course delivery, including arrival/departure and free time, does not consume more than five business days. Participants arrive on Saturday and leave the following Sunday for minimal disruption to your work schedule.

Places can be booked via the contact form at the bottom of this page. Click on a date below to have it pre-selected in the contact form.

* Unless otherwise stated courses are presented in Thailand.

Media & Endorsements


Adam Back Blockstream CEO

Endorsement via Twitter, 2015


Tone Vays Analyst & Content Creator

Interview in Thailand, January 2018


Venzen Khaosan Cryptocurrents, Chief Analyst

Article series: "Fiat, Credit, Deflation and Bitcoin"

Venzen Khaosan Method Mileage

SInce starting a private subscription service, in 2015, Venzen Khaosan has documented every trade call to date in collaboration with his subscribers. These trades are recorded and can be verified at Cryptocurrents.net. The aggregate metrics are presented below. Note that no matter how many successful trades a trader makes, it only takes one reckless losing trade to erase all profits and account funds. That is why Money Management and Risk Strategy is key to longevity in the market.

Winning Trade calls


Losing trade calls


Break-even calls


Years Trading
Bitcoin Trades
18 yrs
Teaching experience
Trading Camps

Location & Contact

Trading Camp at Ao Rai Leh, Krabi, Thailand

Phuket International Airport

Krabi International Airport


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